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company culture

Corporate culture is the backbone of the enterprise, is the spirit of the struggle of employees of the source, the core of enterprise development momentum, it is invisible exist, but deeply affected everyone ...


The spirit of enterprise

"Benjing endless, Yong Li tide," which is a concentrated expression of the spirit of Xiaoshan, it is a valuable spiritual heritage Xiaoshan, Xiaoshan is to promote the modernization of a powerful driving force for resources. In the 21st century, when the "Qiantang River" arrived, it specifically as "dare to the old red, dare to climb with high, dare and strong ratio, dare to fight with courage, dare and fast race."


Value concept

Integrity, cooperation and innovation
People to work together
Honest and trustworthy customers
The product diligently tireless innovation

Development concept

Development concept

In the sound and development in the development of a brilliant
As a long-term manufacturing enterprises based on sound to promote their business layout, expand the market in order to better promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Business philosophy

1, to create value for customers: by continuing to create value for customers so that customers through the use of communications services to obtain greater benefits, cultivate loyal customers, so that sustained and healthy development of enterprises, which is the only value and reason for the existence of enterprises.

2, for the benefit of employees: reflects the Cazenove advocacy "to customer satisfaction, first of all staff satisfaction" and "people-oriented" thinking. Both for the staff to develop the stage to provide opportunities for career development, potential for significant energy potential, to achieve their own value, while also concerned about the improvement of employee life and welfare, and employees to achieve common development.

3, to contribute to society: business is part of society, as an enterprise, it is necessary to consider business efficiency, but also to consider social benefits, fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations, to maximize the feedback to the community.