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Worm Drive

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  • NMRV series worm reducer
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  • NMRV series worm reducer
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Product parameters

NMRV series worm reducer


Ratio:Single stage 7.5~100 double stage 100~5000

Input Power:Single stage 0.06~15kW

Output Torque:Single stage 2.6~3057N.m double stage 25~3057 N.m

Product Features

NMRV series worm reducer adopts aluminum alloy material, which is lighter and more durable than the transmission worm gear reducer, and adopts advanced European technology design, the transmission efficiency of the reducer is more outstanding. Main features: aluminum alloy casting, light weight, beautiful and durable; transmission efficiency, low noise, output torque, suitable for all-round installation.

Application Industry

● Textile printing and dyeing industry

● Rubber and plastics machinery industry

● Rubber and plastics machinery industry

● Environmental protection machinery industry

● Food packaging industry

● New energy industry

Our Assistance

● For your operating conditions, select the most appropriate combination of worm gear box and worm gear box

● Reduce downtime maintenance time, improve power usage

● Improve product performance, increase economic efficiency